Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charging Instructions

CHARGING The Standard (SLA) Battery - What is the procedure for charging my standard lead acid battery?
1) Turn the battery switch ON (red color showing).
2) Plug battery into charger.
3) Plug charger into wall socket. Charge indications: Red--Charging, Red/Green--80%, Green--Full charge. For longest battery life top off the battery to 100% after each ride and then disconnect the charger and turn off the battery switch. If switch is left on for a long time, the internal electronics will slowly drain the battery. Quickly visit, search, and join our FAQ & Research Forum and/or Blog for detailed answers and discussions.

CHARGING The Lithium Battery - What is the procedure for charging my lithium battery?
1) Turn off battery switch (no red color showing) during charging and non-use to avoid battery pack electronics slowly draining battery.
2) Plug charger into wall socket. Charger light should blink red 3 times, then turn green.
3) Open battery bag, plug charger into small round socket next to yellow 'check' button. Charger light should turn red.
4) 100% full charge is indicated when the charger light has again turned green while it remains plugged into the battery. Remove the DC plug from the battery before removing the AC plug from the wall socket. The 4 LEDs on the battery are charge level indicators for riding and have no meaning during charging. Top off the battery whenever possible, and then unplug. These batteries have no ‘memory’ issues.